The Everyday

Does self-help ever help anyone? I doubt it. The best help of all is clicking Place Your Order, feeling that rush of consumerism and knowing that a present will be on your doorstep in just two days.

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Dance Mom

This was my list on Saturday: Tap costume – check Ballet costume – check Brown tights – check Pink tights – check Tap shoes – check Ballet shoes – check Proven ability to switch between the entire tap costume and the entire ballet costume in less than eight minutes – check Including hair – check […]

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June Cleaver Was Right

My memory is spotty, given that the last I really saw her was during reruns 30 years ago, but I suspect she was probably right. She has a bad rap, June Cleaver.  We mocked her.  Her name was the one that came up when we disparaged the prospect of becoming a housewife.  Housewife.  That was […]

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