“Is There Such Thing As The Tooth Fairy?”

Last night the bird lost a feather.


My daughter picked it up and declared that since Ella does not have a pillow, my daughter would put it under her pillow for her.  She hypothesized that the Tooth Fairy– or Feather Fairy– would bring Ella a small mirror because Ella thinks she’s beautiful.

I put her to bed, went to help my son with the rest of his homework, and completely forgot the feather.

This morning:

Girl: Mom, is there such thing as the Tooth Fairy?

Now, this is a slippery slope.  To admit that there isn’t would put Santa in imminent danger.  My son blew the whistle on Santa when he was seven, almost eight and I was thrilled about it, but that’s a story for another day. My daughter is now six, almost seven, and it’s too early.

Me: Um, uh… Why do you ask?

Before she could answer I remember the feather.

We went through the Well, What Do You Think? game and I was relieved to hear that she wholeheartedly still wanted to believe in the Tooth Fairy.

We sat quietly together, me drinking coffee and her watching the feather as she twisted it in her fingers.  After a moment…

Girl: I should have told Dad about the feather.

I think she knows.

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