I’m exhausted.

Last night I stayed up late, watching back-to-back episodes of Nurse Jackie.  One episode was not enough.  Nor was two.  Four episodes seemed like a good round number to take in between finishing the night’s chores and dropping off to sleep.

TV is different now.  No one wrings their hands wondering who knocked-up Rachel.  They just watch the next episode, on demand.

Or, maybe it’s me who’s different  I mean, all episodes of all shows aren’t released at the same time for us to pick and choose.  There is some waiting, some wondering.  But there’s less anxiety.  It doesn’t matter who knocked-up Rachel when you have 500 episodes of Man vs. Food to distract you.

I’m often late to the party.  In 2000 I still had a membership to a video store.  From which I rented videos.  I also had a VCR which I cursed when it didn’t work properly.  The fact that I’m a year late watching season 3 of Nurse Jackie is right in line with the trend.

Hm.  Turns out I’m not different at all.

There is one real winner here.  In the oldest game of give-and-take, as the universe sucks away hours of precious sleep with the promise of fantastic television, it does offer one thing in return.


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  1. Paul November 3, 2011 at 2:42 pm #

    Love the new avatar!

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